Computer Science

At Keswick School, we aim to prepare students for the world of work.  In Computer Science we provide sequences of lessons, which teach students the fundamentals of computer science focussing on how data is represented, communicated through the internet using web pages, how to read code and how to program solutions to problems.  

These skills are further developed in Key Stage 4 to provide the next generation of developers who can help design and maintain products for the digital economy.

In Digital Media, we provide sequences of lessons, which teach the students how to create websites, digital graphic products and podcasts in preparation for our digital media course, which produces highly skilled graphic designers and web designers, who can create and use high quality resources in their products.

Both strands of computing are built on in Key Stage 4 to enable students opting for computing or digital media to become competent practitioners as they make their next steps in their lives. 

For students who do not opt to take either Computer Science or Digital Media we focus on the skills and knowledge that are most useful in other subjects, the workplace or further education such as presenting work to make it suitable for target audience, using a range of applications to combine information from a range of high quality sources with original information produced by the student.

Relevant topics are revisited before new content is taught for each unit of work. For instance binary is taught in Year 7, which is recapped as part of hexadecimal which are both recapped in Year 9 as part of the logic unit.

Key Stage 3 Computer Science

Key Stage 3 Computer Science Curriculum Map

GCSE Computer Science

Key Stage 4 Computer Science Curriculum Map

Key Stage 4 Creative iMedia Curriculum Map

A Level Computer Science

A Level Computer Science Curriculum Map

A Level Digital Media Curriculum Map

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