The primary aim of the History department is to nuture an enjoyment of the subject, fostering an understanding of other culture, time periods and values. 

In doing so, the department hopes to encourage students to be curious, engaged, respectful and tolerant of others and to think critically about the world around them. 

The purpose of Key Stage 3 in history is to enable pupils to become tolerant and reflective individuals who can use knowledge of historical events to make analytical judgements using a variety of different views. To develop literacy skills, including reading, speaking and listening, to allow social and cultural development to make links between past, present and future events.

Links are consistently reinforced to the local context, as well as explicit course content related to the local area.  Explicit content includes:-

Year 7 - the legacy of the Romans in Cumbria and North of England, the development of castles.

Year 8 - the links of the slave trade to Whitehaven 

Year 9 - the decline of industry and the effects on communities

The nature of history entails students to reflect on change and continuity as well as identifying patterns of cause and consequence, in addition to acquiring new vocabulary and skills. Students learn new key terms on a regular basis and are expected to employ these to analyse cause and consequence in order that it is embedded into their longer-term memory.

Key Stage 3 History

Key Stage 3 History Curriculum Map

GCSE History

GCSE History Curriculum Map

A Level History

A Level History Curriculum Map

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