History Introduction

‘I really enjoy History. We study a wide range of topics and my teacher makes it really interesting. One of the best things though, is that we get to take into account all kinds of materials like books, cartoons, films and re-enactments and then we can draw our own conclusions. I think this is good because it teaches you not to just take everything on face value.’
Caitlin, Year 11

The History department at Keswick School has an excellent record of exam results. However the department aims not only to pass exams, but to enthuse pupils and provoke a deeper interest in the subject.

With a Year 9 battlefields trip to Belgium and a sixth form visit to Eastern Europe, you can immediately cast away any preconceptions of History being a solely book-based subject.

History at Keswick is fun, interesting and engaging. This is the reason pupils enjoy it so much and, therefore, succeed academically.

Pupils learn about the Roman empire, the British empire, Victorian England, the First and Second World Wars, The Great Depression and 1960s social and cultural changes.

In history, pupils have access to a wide array of different resources and are taught to discriminate between reliable and unreliable data. Pupils learn to formulate a strong, coherent argument, making the subject an ideal complement to other essay based subjects such as English.

As well as traditional History, at A level, an additional course - Government and Politics - is offered. This focuses on contemporary politics and government in the UK. This  makes it the perfect course for anyone who aims to work in politics or who is just interested in the world of government including journalism, law and international law.

Teaching Staff
Mr K Reed, BA, MA, PGCE (Head of History)
Dr A Foody, BA, MA, PGCE
Miss S French, BA (Hons), PGCE
Mr J Winter, BA (Hons), PGCE