Learning French at Keswick School is the beginning of a fascinating and rewarding journey into French and Francophone culture.

Our lessons are conducted in French from the very start of Year 7 in order to immerse students in language learning and to teach them to enjoy the challenge of learning languages. This builds resilient, outward-looking and confident linguists, who are able to communicate effectively in the wider world. We strongly believe that learning foreign languages is a skill which is truly accessible to everyone: after all, everyone already speaks at least one language fluently!

Our curriculum starts by focusing on two key verbs: to have (avoir) and to be (être), enabling students to make connections between the English grammar previously learnt at primary school and apply it to a new context. We slowly build up students’ vocabulary alongside this, focusing initially on students’ own home lives and gradually moving outwards, ending Year 7 with an introduction to the wider French-speaking world. 

In Year 8 we look at the French school system and compare it to our own, and we extend students’ grammatical knowledge by teaching units centred on hobbies and food and drink. We finish by looking at the media in France and use the film Les Choristes to introduce students to French cinema as an area of study. 

In Year 9 we gradually start to prepare students for the increased demands of the GCSE course by looking at some of the more accessible KS4 topics. We begin with the theme of travel and holidays and focus on consolidating key grammar before looking at personal relationships. Finally, we give students a brief introduction to French history, using the film La Rafle as an authentic point of reference. 

The very nature of language learning requires pupils to constantly recycle language in different contexts, as well as adding new vocabulary and skills. Students learn vocabulary on a regular basis and are expected to use it for their own purposes within classwork and homework so that it becomes embedded into their longer-term memory. We also aim to provide students with wider cultural knowledge of France and other French-speaking countries in order to enable students to develop into considerate and tolerant global citizens. 

Key Stage 3 French

Key Stage 3 French Curriculum Map

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GCSE French Curriculum Map

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A Level French Curriculum Map

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