Key Stage 5

Head of Year 12
Mr Stanton

Year 12 represents a most important year in the life of a student at Keswick School.  Having made the decision to stay on to Sixth Form, students are supported and guided in their transition into A Levels and other level 3 qualifications.  An experienced and expert pastoral team, committed to the success of every student, provides personalised provision to help our students on the latest stage of their learning journey. 

Additional support is provided through Personal Development lessons as well as input from our Careers Department.  Students also have access to the Unifrog platform, this allows them to build up a profile of their skills and interests with a view to informing decisions about their next steps after Sixth Form.  This also provides the basis for both form-based and remote learning activities aimed at developing their personal skills in a number of areas. 

In addition, Year 12s are encouraged to take part in our summer work experience week where they arrange a placement with an organisation relevant to their future plans.  We also have careers fairs and university visits. 

Towards the end of Year 12 we put on our Post-18 Days which help to guide, support and inform all students about the processes involved in university, apprenticeships and employment in order that they can make a decision that is right for them. 

We also encourage all students to take part in a range of extracurricular activities for their own benefit but also to give back to the wider community.  All Year 12 students have the opportunity to apply to become prefects.


Head of Year 13
Dr Foody

Year 13 is an extremely busy year for the students, with the main focus being the completion of A Level courses and preparation for the final exams in the summer term. This continues to be supported and overseen by the Sixth form team alongside the academic staff.

In the autumn term we complete the UCAS process for those intending to move onto universities after school and support those preparing for apprenticeship applications. In the spring term students are then supported in narrowing down their choice of where to study. During the year students are encouraged to visit and familiarise themselves with universities and course providers and their location, both in person and using online open days, so that they make informed decisions on life after school. Students in Year 13 can also continue to access careers advice and guidance and receive support with key skills such as developing interview technique and producing personal statements. Next year, personal development days will be introduced, building on the work of the Year 12 personal development programme. These will cover issues relevant to Year 13, such as managing money and living independently.

Alongside the academic focus in Year 13, students continue to be involved in the school community, many as prefects, as well as continuing involvement in mentoring and support of younger students. Continuation with other extra-curricular and super-curricular activities is also encouraged, particularly where this helps to strengthen applications or develop knowledge and skills in support of studies.


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