Student Safeguarding Team

This year we have set up a group in school called the Keswick School Safeguarding Team: a group of committed and interested Year 12 students who have signed up to help raise awareness of a range of safeguarding topics and issues throughout 2021-22 and beyond.

There are currently 20 students in the group and we hope in the future to expand this to other year groups and widen the remit of the group. To-date the Team have been working on a range of age appropriate resources for Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 on sexual harassment and will now move on to looking at mental health and well-being. These resources will be posted to the appropriate year groups google classrooms so all students can have access to these, we will also post this information on the website.

The Team believe that it is essential to involve students, their ideas and voice in safeguarding matters and that some of the difficult safeguarding issues are covered and awareness raised. They are particularly keen to highlight sources of information and support in school and out of school.

Key Stage 3 Safeguarding - Sexual Harassment

Key Stage 4 Safeguarding - Sexual Harassment


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