The Drama department aims to use drama and performing arts to inspire people to be creative, confident and aware of the world around them.  

Whilst being taught that drama and performance is an art form, we pursue stories, issues, and ideas that make our students want to ask questions and challenge. This echoes our whole school vision of a social, moral, spiritual, and cultural education.

By the end of Year 7, students will have had an introduction to the skills, techniques and styles of working which they will use throughout their drama lessons at Key Stage 3.   As part of individual performance and assessment, students will become experts at paired and group work, sharing ideas and responsibilities to reach a common goal.  Year 7 topics include physical theatre, puppets, building a character, and musical theatre. These topics give an excellent grounding in the basic tools of devising and performance. 

Continuing into Year 8, the students’ skill base increases as they study ‘Hamlet’, script work, props, and more experience of a whole class musical theatre performance; specifically ‘Matilda’.

Year 9 introduces working from a stimulus, a key idea for moving into Key Stage 4 and beyond. More drama skills and art forms are taught in the form of ‘Masks’ and other Shakespeare texts. They work by building on previously taught styles of working but increasing in complexity and style. ‘DNA’ by Dennis Kelly being an example of a non-naturalistic text, which discusses themes and issues, appropriate to the age group. The discipline of line learning and short-term targets helping students with their longer-term memory.

Our Year 9 course also looks at ‘social drama’; a unit which considers issues such as identity and peer pressure, using exciting techniques such as Forum Theatre - used by Augusto Boal to make his audience question and challenge traditional perceptions.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum aims to provide students with a strong grounding and knowledge of drama and performing arts for those who wish to continue into Key Stage 4 but also offer all students opportunities to increase their confidence, social and communication skills, and to consider the world around them.

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