Across scienc, our aim is to aspire, support and enable all students to leave as scientific thinkers, with a life-long interest in science.

The dictionary definition of Physics “is the study of matter, energy and the interaction between them”, put simply it is the study of how the world around us functions, exploring concepts and systems from the very small (quantum phenomena) to the very large (space).

Physics reaches into every aspect of life. Through developing links into students’ lives and studying the subject in depth and breadth, students develop an understanding of how the world around them functions and from this become better functioning members of society. Through equipping learners with the knowledge, skills to analyse problems / systems and think scientifically (the ability to investigate ideas objectively), the aim is to develop and inspire lifelong inquisitive learners.

Students who take Physics at Keswick School learn a broad curriculum, which in Key Stage 3 initially focuses on developing a love of the subject through practical rich topics, which feature enrichment activities and cover the core subjects of Physics, matter and energy, building a solid foundation for moving onto Key Stage 4 and 5. Topics are covered multiple times throughout Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5, developing concepts, scientific skills/thinking and schema with each visit, aided through practicals, demonstrations, enrichment activities and overlap between topics.

Lessons are delivered by Physics subject specialists in a well-equipped department with a dedicated physics technician. The department has a comprehensive Scheme of Work, which allows content to be analysed in many different ways through practicals and application to numerous real world contexts, pushing beyond the basic national curriculum and GCSE specification. Areas of specific local interest are emphasised such as atomic structure and nuclear radiation. The department is keen to constantly improve its teaching practice and curriculum and to this end is a long-standing member of the Physics Teaching Network and an affiliated member of the Institute of Physics.

Key Stage 3 Physics

Key Stage 3 Physics Curriculum Map

GCSE Physics

GCSE Physics Curriculum Map

GCSE Combined Physics Curriculum Map

A Level Physics

A Level Physics Curriculum Map

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