Pastoral Care Overview

The pastoral welfare system at Keswick School is highly developed and supports pupils throughout their time in school. It is a system and structure that ensures the pupils are cared for, supported and guided through the different phases of their education.

All members of the pastoral team are highly experienced and committed to providing the best support structures for the pupils and are a key point of contact throughout their education.


“At Keswick School age is not a barrier to sharing expertise and friendship. Students of all ages readily work together”



Central to our educational philosophy is the belief in the value, wherever possible, of close and effective contact between the school and parents. Attendance at parent/teacher meetings, school matches, concerts, plays and other activities will be most welcome.

Liaison between the school and parents has traditionally been one of the strengths of the pastoral system. We believe that this communication is crucial to ensuring the welfare and academic progress of your child.

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