History of Keswick School Badge

Keswick School has had a crest since 1898 and the stories of St Kentigern are connected with the symbols of the crest of the school:

Keswick School Badge

The Bird
As a child St Kentigern was one of a number of pupils of St Servanus, the monk. When some of the boys beheaded a robin St Kentigern restored it to life and flight.

The Fish
Languoreth, Roderick’s Queen, gave the ring the King had given her to a soldier (knight). The King, seeing it on the soldier’s hand, removed it while he slept and cast it into the river before asking the Queen for it. She applied to the soldier who had to confess his loss. Fearing the King’s wrath they sought St Kentigern’s advice, who bade them cast a net into the river. The first fish brought ashore, a salmon, had the ring in its mouth.

The Bush
A jester from Ireland came to Roderick’s court for the Christmas holidays. As he left the King offered him gifts but he refused them, asking only for a dish of blackberries (mulberries). Kentigern, seeing the King’s discomfort, for it was winter, came to his aid. Following his instructions, the King sent Kentigern to a spot in the forest, where, on a hunting expedition the summer before he had spread his cloak over a bush and had never reclaimed it. Blackberries were found growing beneath the cloak, and these were gathered and given to the jester. He was so impressed that he would not leave the court and afterwards devoted himself to a religious life.

The Bell
This represented a silver bell which was presented to Kentigern on a visit to Rome. There is no evidence of a visit to Rome, and the Bell may have been presented to Kentigern by his bishop.

The Mound
While preaching out of doors to a large assembly at Hodholm, in order to make it easier for everyone to hear, Kentigern caused the ground beneath him to be raised up in a mound.


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